Wow…it’s been a while

It has been a long and busy semester. My course load at school has kept me busy and my free time has been next to nothing so unfortunately my blog has suffered. But I’m back…with a possible hiatus for exams next couple of weeks.

So what has been happening. Well, I have been on a strength development focus recently. George put up some huge incline bench numbers, Ben set a personal best in push press and Dave has improved most of his lifts significantly. It has been good to see everyone progress. Len has been getting stronger as well especially shown in the speed of his squatting movements. Newbie, Steve, has been strengthening his core as we’ve introduced to full body movements. Wilson is plugging away and is mastering relaxed running (though I doubt she enjoys it!!).

So what else is going on. I am working as a coach at CrossFit Greensboro. These group training classes focus on high intensity output. Crawford, UNCG rugby captain, has been shining here. He put up a very impressive 385# deadlift. It is fun to work in the group environment because the coaches and the athletes push the performance. There is always a set of eyes to impress.

The pic is of Ben nailing his first ring muscle up.