Stress Eating

Yep, I do it. It’s normally chocolate and it generally turns into a routine. This creates the need to break the habits. I know that I am doing it and I want to find ways to limit this. This past week, I’ve traveled the length of California with the rugby programs. A camp in San Diego, a camp in Santa Barbara and a play-off weekend in Chico. During this time, I’ve worked out a little and eaten with control except for the sweets.

It’s a stressful week from following up on delegation, selections, injuries, travel, planning, adapting, etc. I need to find a different coping mechanism over going out to buy two to five chocolate bars and chowing down on them…it leads to feeling like crap and emotionally beating myself up.

I’m going to try to work on buying a fizzy water and doing a short meditation or exercise piece to help cope with the stress. It is going to take practice, which means a lot of failure. But I will get there.