Training & Eating

So the last few weeks, I’ve been eating according to the Slow Carb Diet…it’s been going well. It’s cut out the snacking and it’s something that has helped create a standard menu. I actually like the routine of the menu planning. It makes things a lot easier and straight forward. We know what we are going to buy from the store, the kids know what is coming for dinner and to be honest, the beans are tasty. The only issue is the farts…to be honest, I don’t mind them but I think they annoy the rest of the family!

The last couple of weeks has been difficult with the exercise. Between Julie traveling and being a full time Daddy Day Camp plus medical stuff, I haven’t been able to be consistent. However, I’ve hit cardio or strength 5 times each week and I think that is a real positive. It isn’t always possible to be able to maximize the workouts, but if you maintain the consistency through hard times then as the situation changes you have the base. It is going to be what I am working towards as I look to kick it up a gear as I go on. 

So what is the result? My clothes are fitting differently. I don’t know if I’m lighter or less circumference, but it feels that way. It gives motivation to continue with the eating and the exercise. It makes me feel better…not just mentally, but my body feels better.