Back for Real?

It’s been a few years and now I am back again…at least for a post! Over the last two years, I’ve been coaching full time and struggled to find the balance with my own personal fitness. Why? There’s a few reasons.

The first and probably the biggest, I had used playing as a motivation. I knew that if I was fit and strong, my performance on the field would be better. I would be more capable of competing the way that I wanted to compete. As a coach, you lose this aspect of your motivation. I could justify that I could still play touch, throw the passes and strong enough in the gym.

The second, I allowed my injuries to be an excuse. As an old bugger with 17 years of senior rugby and the better part of three decades of competitive sports, I have some issues that are never going to be 100%. From knees to elbows to shoulders, I’ve got janky movement patterns and I have to accept that modifications may need to be necessary!

So what am I doing? What are my goals? Well, the first is that the scale while an important thing, is not going to be a measure of success. At the moment, I would weight between 235-245lbs. I’m not sure exactly, but it is probably about 30-50lbs above what I want to weight post rugby. Although this is a long term goal, it’s not motivating because it doesn’t have the impact on my life. My first goal is 4 cardio sessions per week of between 20-40 minutes. My second goal is 3 lifts per week including bodyweight proficiency movements of between 20-40 minutes. My third goal is 5 meditations per week either with the Headspace app or journaling for at least 10 minutes per time.

So why did I set my goals up this way? Well, I think I need to invest in practice through discipline. This means the development of routines/processes and a focus on the controllable. So why isn’t weight a controllable? It is but it is normally the outcome of a number of a number of other controllable actions. So I am going to focus on the actions and continue moving forward.

So far, I’ve been tracking on my phone with an app. I’ve been more consistent than I was a year ago, but not as consistent as I want to be. I’m going to continue tracking things on my phone, but I’m going to look to blog post every now and then as well. This is for me, so I can look back at my journey. So there it is the re-purposing of the blog from the advice of JSUTrain to the personal story of J-Sut and my training.19225558_10158909945795584_598322567895562996_n