Friday, November 2, 2012

Do you watch rugby? If you live in America, it can be difficult but you have options. There are full games on YouTube. So the second question, why should you watch rugby? There are two main ways to develop experience. The first is personally experience something and the second is watch somebody else experience something. The latter is the reason to watch rugby. However, this article will focus on the how to watch rugby.

Anyone can watch rugby and appreciate the skill and athleticism. The skill in watching rugby is in being able to learn and apply what you learn personally. The first is to watch only the player who plays your position. How do they position themselves to be effective? What did they do wrong when they were ineffective? Immediately, you start to develop an appreciation of the finer details of good players. A second way is to use the rewind function and determine the root cause of a success or failure in a play. The loose pass or the missed tackle is rarely the root cause. Normally it is a poor running line, a poorly finished pass or bad footwork into contact.

The greater skill is how to apply them to your game. It is unlikely that you are playing with as skillful or experience athletes in your team. So how do you apply these skills? The first thing is remember you need to adapt them to your physical and technical abilities. If you are like me and a short prop, don’t try to copy what Carl Hayman does as a tight head. Instead, I find the root cause of what makes him successful and it is that he picks a target on his opponent and attempts to get in first. I can apply this to my game even though my technique will be different. The second thing to remember is that by just watching you will be inspired to try things you had not thought of. After trying them, assess whether they were successful or unsuccessful. Now you have your own experience to work from.

I guess at the end of the day, if you want to be a better rugby player expedite your experience quickly by watching rugby. It will help you develop skills more quickly and increase your experiences exponentially (without hurting your body quite as much) plus there is nothing wrong with having a quiet beer while developing your experience!


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