Friday, October 4, 2012

This year my team changed a lot. We lost a players to retirement, moving across the country, and education, but we gained players for the same reason. The biggest change was a change in coach. How do you adjust to all these changes?

The first step is to have an open and positive state of mind. Negativity poisons your perceptions and can turn you into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Before every training, speak positive affirmations like “this training is going to be fun because I am going to learn more about a new defense.” This will help prepare you mentally to take on board new information and be ready to learn new skills.

The second step is to be a good listener. A good listener is someone who focuses on what the coaches is saying and the context. After listening to the instructions, attempt to complete them as instructed, if you don’t understand then ask a clarification question.

The third step is build something new. If I tried to “repeat” the successful culture of the previous year, it would fail. Every season brings a new blend of a personalities and experiences and it is important that every team evolves every year. If this is true then every year it will be necessary for a team to discover itself.

Try it out and let me know you’re feedback.


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