Monday, August 20, 2012

I’m back! It’s been a while and I’m sorry for the absence. I underestimated how much of an adjustment having twins would be! This should be just in time for the beginning of fall season for many of you. If you are like me, you’ve let yourself go more than you should in the off-season and the first cycle will reflect the need to re-establish a baseline of strength and conditioning.

The first lift cycle will contain three major lifts per day, a bodyweight couplet and a running centric conditioning workout. There will be no Tuesday and Thursday workouts to allow you to focus your energy on team practice.

1. Hang Power Clean. 5 (sets) x 5 (reps). REST 2 minutes. Start from the high hang and your chest up. Use your legs to drive the bar into the air before retreating your hips for the catch.
2. Push Press. 3 x 12. REST 1 minute. Keep your chest up and your dip minimal. Use your hips to drive the bar off your shoulders and finish with a strong lockout at the top.
3. Back Squat. 4 x 8. REST 90 seconds. Take a big breath of air at the top and hold your breath for a single squat. This will help keep your spine in line.
4a. Strict Pullups. 2 x 10. NO REST. Start with your elbows and shoulders at full extension. The pullup finishes with your chin above the bar.
4b. Dips. 2 x 10. REST 90 seconds. Start with your elbows locked, go down until your shoulder is lower than your elbow before pressing back up.

4 x 300m run beginning every 3 minutes.

Calves, hips, hamstrings, quads, lower back, chest, shoulders and triceps.



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