Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I want to say congrats to Belmont Shore for winning the Division 1 National Championships this weekend. It was a fun game to play in, but I wish the result had been reversed. Belmont played very well and used their physical style to impose their will on the game.

5 minutes of rowing (start very slowly and start increasing the pace every minute). After, set-up cones 10 meters apart and perform the following dynamic stretches for 2 lengths each.
1. Lunges with a twist
2. Reverse Lunges
3. Inch Worm
4. Crab walk
5. Side lunges (2 in each direction)

Complete rounds of:
10 DB Push Press, 1 Weighted Pullups
9 DB Push Press, 2 Weighted Pullups
8 DB Push Press, 3 Weighted Pullups
7 DB Push Press, 4 Weighted Pullups
6 DB Push Press, 5 Weighted Pullups
5 DB Push Press, 6 Weighted Pullups
4 DB Push Press, 7 Weighted Pullups
3 DB Push Press, 8 Weighted Pullups
2 DB Push Press, 9 Weighted Pullups
1 DB Push Press, 10 Weighted Pullups
Use 2 DB for the Push Press and use one of the DB for the weighted Pullups holding the weight between you feet.

Cool Down:
400m jog and 30-60 seconds stretching calves, lower back, shoulders, last and chest.


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