Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Speed, agility and quickness develops by making sure that you learn the drills before adding the speed.

Set-up cones 15m apart and complete the following running drills between. Each exercise is to be completed for 4 times (ie up and back twice).
1. Power Skips
2. Lunges
3. High Skips
4. Reverse Lunges
5. High Knees
6. Frankenstiens
7. Butt kickers
8. Sumo Lunges
9. Carioca
10. Falling sprint

1. Side shuffle 5 yards then turn and sprint 15 yards and cruise 10 yards. Complete 6 reps facing each way with a walk back recovery.
2. Back pedal 10 yards then accelerate forward 20 yards (this means that you sprint past the cone that you start at). Complete 10 reps with 60 second recovery between reps.

1. Short T-Drill. Set up the T with 5 yards from the start to the top of the T and then 2.5 yards to each of the sides. This will force you to take short steps the entire time and focus on keeping your weight on the balls of your feet.

1. Sprint 20m from a standing start and focus on staying leaning forward and driving with your arms.

Cool Down:
Complete the 13 poses in this article for 60-120 seconds each.


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