Friday, May 25, 2012

So how did your season go/is it going? Now is a great time for reflection. For most US college players, the season is completed and you have had a bit of time to get over your last game. Did you achieve your goals? Did you seek feedback from your coaches? If yes, what was the feedback you received? What unforeseen obstacles cropped up during the season? With the benefit of hindsight, what would you change to be more successful? Finally, what did you achieve this year? DId you reward yourself for those successes?

My season continues, but I have done some reflecting in between the playoffs in San Diego and the upcoming round in Glendale. I haven’t achieved all of my goals, but I did achieve increased accuracy at the set piece and improved fitness. These are achievements that I am proud of and my reward is to commit a little bit more money towards my home gym. The greatest obstacles that popped up during my season was my wife needing to go on bed rest. This meant that I had family stay with us to help take care of Brynn, but this changed my diet, my general routine and increased my responsibilities looking after the house. Despite all of this, I can definitely say that I found the time to train and I am proud of how I have played this season.

Reflection is a great time to grow and a great time to reward yourself for all that you have achieved. Remember the things that you didn’t achieve so you can focus on them next year, but celebrate all that you have accomplished. I think some pretty successful people refer to this as “taking time to smell the roses!”

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