Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mobility: 10 forward hip circles, 10 backward hip circles each leg, 10 forward arm circles each leg, 10 backward arm circles, 10 squats, 10 lunges each leg, 10 pushups, 30 second plank, 10 pushups, 10 forward leg swings each leg, 10 sideways leg swings each leg, 10 iron cross reaches each leg, 10 scorpion reaches each leg
Heart Rate Spike: 2 x (10m high knees, 10m butt kickers, 10m carioca, 10m falling start acceleration)

1. Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat. 5 (sets) x 3 (reps) + 3 (reps). Practice pulling yourself under the bar and sticking your landing at the same time your elbows lock the bar overhead. On completing of the third rep, complete three Overhead Squats by staying back on your heels and pushing the bar behind you. This will increase shoulder flexibility and stability, while forcing you to concentrate on maintaining your core.
2. Back Squat. 4 x 8. Focus on keeping your core tight and driving off your heels.
3. Renegade Rows with Pushup. 3 x 8 each arm. This movement starts in the pushup position with your hands on two dumbbells. Complete the pushup and at the top do a single arm row with the left, then another pushup before a single arm row with the right. This ends up being 16 pushups and 8 rows each arm to complete a set.

Complete 4 rounds as quickly as possible of 20 Russian DB Swings, 200m run and 1 minute rest. Keep your core tight on the DB swings and use a challenging weight that you can control. The 200m run should be a fast run, not a sprint. You need to be able to control your run and it should be the pace that you chase a kick at, fast but able to breakdown.

Achilles, calves, chest, shoulders, back and hips.


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