Friday, April 6, 2012

What are your goals in rugby? Is it a game for college to hang out with friends or is it something more serious? My goal was to make rep sides in Australia. Representative sides were selected for age groups, states, and countries. In the USA, if you play well you go to All-Star trials and then tournaments with possible call-ups to national training camps. If you do get asked to attend how do you show your best?

I have coached at All-Star camps and there are two pieces of advice. The focus on your skills and performing them accurately. Do the simple stuff well. The skill work you have done all year will help you be able to cope with any drills that get thrown your way. If you don’t know how to do something, ask how to do it. That leads me to the second point, listen to the coaches and execute. Coaches want a coachable player, someone who they can rely on to play within the structure they have developed.

Playing with the best athletes in your regions raises your game and helps you become a better player. Take your opportunities and enjoy the experiences. Your opponents from the regular season become your teammates in the All-Star season. You make your new friends and create new memories.



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