Friday, March 23, 2012

Self-confidence vs. Arrogance. What is the difference? These two terms are thrown around in sports a lot. I define self-confidence as a personal belief in your own abilities to perform specific tasks to achieve a goal/outcome. I define arrogance as a personal belief that your abilities to perform a specific task are exceptional and unrivaled because you are better than your opponent. At the core these are very similar concepts, however self-confidence leads to success and arrogance leads to complacency.

How do you become self-confident without being arrogant? Start with the things you can control: your training, your mental preparation and asking for feedback. Then study your opponent and respect their abilities, skills and knowledge. Finally, prepare for the things your can’t control: the weather, the referee and the bounce of the ball. At the end you will clearly understand your abilities and you will take this confidence into competition, but you will not disregard your opponents abilities. In my experiences, the self-confident player will overcome many obstacles and go much further than the arrogant.


One thought on “Friday, March 23, 2012

  1. Nice reminder of things that are easy to forget. There a fine line there and it’s something every athlete struggles with in one way or another. Thanks!

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