Friday, March 16, 2012

Before every game, I am nervous. I understand that I am about to face a physical and mental challenge and it is a little frightening. How can I use the nerves to improve my performance? Re-phrase the nerves to give yourself a positive spin.

The way I do it is to use a trick my wife taught me. I tell myself “the nerves show that you are ready and that I am not complacent, but I am prepared for the task at hand.” Next time you feel the butterflies flip the script and use it to build your confidence for the match ahead. Then use that experience and take it into everyday life. How?

Many people feel anxiety before a big test or interview. When I interviewed for my current job, I was a bundle of nerves. Before I walked into the interview I said to myself “the nerves will increase my ability to listen to the questions accurately and heighten my awareness to be able to answer them using good examples.” This definitely worked and I felt great coming out of the interview. Just one of the ways that I have been able to take rugby off the field and into everyday life.


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