Friday, February 10, 2012

I have received some questions why I don’t have a specific program for backs and forwards. The main reason is that this is a basic strength and conditioning program that is aimed at giving you the requisite strength and conditioning to be able to perform the skills throughout 80 minutes of a rugby match. With the exception of starter/set piece plays, all rugby players need to be able to perform every skill. Rugby is the ultimate game where you need to be the jack of all trades. All players must be able to defend in close and out wide, everyone needs to be able to pass accurately and most importantly everyone needs to be able to win the ball at the clear-out.

As this is an online program, I am focusing on meeting the broad needs of every rugby player. Does a front rower need to focus more on lifting heavier weights? Yes. Does a winger need to do additional speed work? Yes. Do the halves and inside backs need to practice passing and kicking? Yes. So how do you work this into your programs. For the front rower, you can use heavier weights or add in additional supplemental lifts and at the end of training practice scrum technique. For the winger, add more speed work to Tuesday before training and agility work to Thursday before training. For the halves, expand the tactile pressure and ball handling drills to include foot drills such as short kicks and long passing drills. This will allow you to be a good rugby player with some specialized skill, rather than a specialist in one area that is a bad rugby player.


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