Saturday, January 21, 2012.

The last day of the first week, I hope that you have found the time to stay on schedule. I have programmed Saturdays during pre-season, if you have a game I would expect you to miss today’s workout.

1. Hang Power Snatch. 3 (sets) x 3 (reps). Focus on keeping the bar close your body after you jump. This is achieve by keeping the elbows high and outside.
2. Deadlift. 5 x 5. Focus on your start position, getting everything locked into place with a flat back and a neutral spine alignment. The bar comes off the ground slowly and speeds up as the bar travels past your knees.
3. Military Press. 4 x 8. Focus on keeping your core tight and driving up while keeping your body stable.

2 sets of 15 single leg bridge, 30 seconds side plank each side.

Complete 5 rounds of 100m sprint (50m there and back) and 10 heavy DB thrusters (35-55#). In this workout, you are training your body to move heavy weight after sprinting. This replicates a game where you chase a kick-off and the complete a tackle/clear-out.

Calves, achilles, hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, lower back and shoulders.


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