End of the Strength Phase

With only one week left in the strength phase, I am noticing that I have put on some weight and increased across the board in strength. I have not felt as strong since I blew out my knee in April against Hong Kong, so this off-season program has helped me get back what I had lost. I know feel pretty comfortable squatting heavy loads for reps and I am back of 225lb/100kg benching comfortably.

I followed the program as closely as I could, when life got in the way I had to accept that. I also modified the workouts so I could focus a little more on my overhead shoulder strength. These modifications kept the stimulus of the program but I used a barbell in some cases to allow me to life more total weight and I pulled a couple of exercises out of circuits so I could work the strength rather than endurance.

It has been nice to know what I am going to do when I head into the gym everyday. I took myself out of my head and I achieved what I wanted to achieve. My goal in the net phase is to really hit the metabolic conditioning with a vengeance and working on the Olympic lifts and kettlebells to increase explosiveness.


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