Challenging Myself

My goal is to expand JSUTrain to include workouts, rugby skills and sports psych tips. The reason that I am doing this is three fold. The first reason is to provide good quality content for high school and collegiate/university rugby players. Amateurs can’t always access the resources and knowledge required to improve their skills. I am hoping to develop a library of videos, workouts and interviews that help young rugby players increase their knowledge and skills. The second reason is to challenge myself to develop as an athlete and a coach.I have been fortunate to train with some amazing players and coaches. As I have benefited from people sharing their knowledge with me, I would like to pass on the favor. The third reason is to give an introduction to rugby for fans of the Philippines Volcanoes. The Volcanoes have been one of the most successful teams in the Philippines with only 1 loss in the last 4 years. Many of the players are developing a following as well-known personalities, however as yet we aren’t turning this attention into new rugby players.

So I set myself this challenge and I hope that someone out there finds this info useful and beneficial.



One thought on “Challenging Myself

  1. Thank you for not only representing the Philippines in the sport of rugby, but also making us proud of the fact that there are pinoys at home and abroad willing to make sacrifices just to represent their country. I admire your hard work and all the accomplishments/lessons it has led to. The Volcanoes’ legacy will grow and continue to live on.

    I even made a tribute video to you all:

    I hope you enjoy. Good luck on all future matches!

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