Adjusting to Life

This week is going to be insane! I work in retail and it’s my first time to ever experience a Black Friday, the sale day after Thanksgiving. I’ve lived in the States since 2004, but I’ve never been shipping on Black Friday because it looks crazy, now I’m going to be in the thick of it.

With a situation like this and a family holiday (Thanskgiving), I needed to spend a bit of time planning out my training week. I’ll still follow the offseason plan, but I’ll lift Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I’ll hit the gym on Tuesday as well for skill work on Olympic lifting & a met con. I’ll do a TRX met con at home after Thanksgiving dinner (this’ll be hard but if I want th results I got to do it!) and have rest days on Friday & Sunday.

Sometimes training needs to adjust to your life, this coming week needed a plan to help me stay on track and be successful. As the saying goes if you fail to plan you will fail!

Off-Season Training

So I got a piece advice the other day that was invaluable, “GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD!” The advice related to my training. I have been very successful training with a CrossFit oriented protocol, but everyone can get stale and go back to what you want to do and then forget to extend your boundaries. So this off-season I am going to follow the team program for the Glendale Raptors. I still get to do some met cons on non-lifting days, but these will be mostly monostructural exercises.

The program is aimed at developing strength and mass. It is functional movements but looks more traditional than my workouts have been for a couple of years. This is a step in a different direction, but I am enjoying the challenge over the first two weeks. I’m gonna stick with it because I need to develop the size and strength and I also need the structure. My life is hectic at the moment with a new job as a manager with a major retailer. This program allows me to trust in something else and I can do the exercises in the University of Denver Rec Center.

I am sticking with the major lifts of the program, but I am modifying the circuits to be more dynamic and increase the metabolic conditioning aspect. This allows me to still keep CrossFitting but fit with the team structure. I just modify the workout to take-out things like bicep curls and calf raises and I modify them to have pullups and box jumps. The same but different. I’ll keep you posted on my progress as I am in week 2 of 8.

Fall Season with Glendale Raptors

So this summer, Julie and I moved to Denver. One of the first priorities was getting situated with a rugby club and I just around the corner is one of the best set ups in the United States. The Village of Glendale is a little municipality that is surrounded by Denver and its official sport is RUGBY! Two rugby fields, one all weather turf and the other a natural grass field in a stadium.

As with any new club, I was a bundle of nerves when I joined the team. There is that period where you don’t know anybody and you need to work hard to build relationships, make friends and acclimate to the club atmosphere. There was also the added bonus that the Glendale Raptors won the USA Division 1 National Championship in 2011. The transition was pretty easy with a great coaching staff and a great group of players I fit in quickly.

The fall season started out with some easier games before building at the end with games against two Super League clubs, Chicago Griffins and Denver Barbarians. We finished the season undefeated and I had a great time. It was nice to have training around the corner with a facility that I could lift with my teammates at. I played most of the season at hooker, but spent a little bit of time at loosehead as well.

I can’t wait to the spring season, when the Raptors attempt to defend their Division 1 title.