The wait has just begun…

After only 6 weeks, I am back on a flight to the Philippines for the A5N Division 1 tournament. The trip consists of a training camp in Manila and a tournament in Korea. When I returned from my trip in April I wasn’t sure if I would be fit, but now that the trip has started I’m excited to be heading back.

The hard part of being on tour is leaving behind family, especially when you leave on your daughter’s second birthday! Julie, Brynn and I went out for breakfast at Foster’s in Durham and had a great time. I miss my girls a lot when I leave and with the time difference it is hard to keep in touch.

As for the trip, it was always going to be long and irritating but if things could go wrong they have. A long delay in Detroit due to maintenance was extended by the flight crew running out legal work time. So we waited in the airport then on the plane. In all it was a 6 hour delay.


When we arrived in Nagoya, we had to wait for medical crew to take someone off the plane who had gotten sick during the flight. I hope that everything works out ok. The silver lining of the delays is the plane that I arrived in Nagoya on is the same one that will depart for Manila. However true to form, we have been twice delayed at the gate. 20110525-003007.jpg
Hopefully, my next post will be about a successful arrival in Manila!


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