Selection Thursday…now the training begins.


So the squad for the A5N Division 1 tournament was released today. I was ecstatic that my name was on the list. We are due to meet back in Manila on May 25. I’m about to start looking for flights and it looks as though I may be leaving on Brynn’s birthday again. I am grateful that Julie and Brynn make these sacrifices so I can pursue my dreams.

The swelling in my knee has gone down and my range of movement has increased. I am focusing on proprioception and getting the muscles working to coordinate movement. Keeping the tasks manageable is important part of getting to my goal of facing Korea in June.

As for the other aspects of life, I have an exam and a project left before the end of semester. I will walking at the graduating ceremony on May 6, but won’t graduate until August. I’m excited to be a part of the ceremony, but I think the sense of accomplishment will happen in August.


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