The trip home

After the post-match function, we headed back to the hotel. Most of the boys headed out, but a few of us had flights early in the morning. I stayed in, packed my bags and talked to Julie and Brynn. I wanted to go out but was wary with my knee still swollen.

Austin, Phil and I headed to the airport at 3am. I saw a couple of the boys returning from the night out. It always sucks to say goodbye, but hopefully this will only be a short time between training camps. The three old boys grabbed a cab and headed to an already busy international airport.

Fortunately, Phil and I were on the same flight to Beijing. We got seats next to each other but I’m afraid I was probably rather boring as I passed out on takeoff and probably slept for 3 of the 4 1/2 hours. When we arrived at the airport we went exploring.

The airport is massive and includes an indoor sitting area complete with pagoda and koi pond. Then it was a quick “Chinese fast food” experience. This is basically a buffet style counter with each dish being a certain amount. Fortunately, I could pay in dollars and received dollars as change except for a single 5 yuan note.

The rest of the flights were long but uneventful. The only interesting side note was that in China while passing through customs I had entertained a 3 year old who shared our flight by making funny faces. As fate would have it the child and her mother were also bound for Charlotte, so both in New York and Charlotte the little girl kept coming over to talk and play. The flights were on time and I arrived back to Charlotte tired but extremely happy to see Julie and Brynn.

It was so nice to see my girls. The hardest part about touring is missing out on family time. Brynn’s talking was greatly improved and she had grown. Julie looked worn out, I guess because normally we share the load of looking after Brynn.


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