Adjusting my training and a photo shoot

Today started off with fitness testing during our first session back at Nomads. It was nice to be back at the familiar stomping grounds.

The fitness tests started with a “300m” diamond run, which was probably between 200 & 250m. The hardest part of this test was that we did it in regular running shoes and taking the sharp corners was difficult. I ran a pretty good time, 34 seconds, considering I slipped on my bad ankle and hurt it again. The next was 5-10-5 that I was held out of because of my ankle. The last test was a 1000m run , but I instead of being around a track it was 10 lengths of the 100m field. I did pretty well running. 4min 5 second time. I tried to push the pace in the last 200m and my ankle started to cramp really badly. That was the end of my training for the day.

It is hard to sit and watch without feeling that I am not out there training. But I had to realize to be at my best for the games that I needed to rest. There was no point pushing it, so I wrote to Julie. She gave me a great piece of advice that my injury now gave me a new normal and I had to prepare ad perform in that state. With the injury I will be able to play but I need to adjust how I train in the lead up and with a lot more focus on recovery.

The lads started to put together the team stuff. There was a focus on team defense and then the team split into units to work on specific skills. The forwards did a lot of work on scrums, which I was devastated to miss. I love scrummaging and it is always nice to practice against your teammates.

After training it was off to a photo shoot. The first sets of photos were team photos with different sponsors. It was nice to meet these people and say thanks in person for sponsoring us. They included Hardys wines, Globe, HMR & JML Philippines. Then it was time for the “big” shoot with clothing sponsor /bench who makes undies. Fortunately the team just took a photo in polos & shorts but for 12 lucky lads it was different. They stayed behind to do a calendar shoot. It was a long experience, but I won’t be doing it again so I guess looking back it’ll be fun.

When I got back to the hotel it was off to the Damo’s room for treatment. It was great he loosened up my ankle an since then it has been a lot less pain.



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