Last day at Camp Crusty & Tuloy Orphanage

The last day of camp started a little later with brekky at 8am. I have to say we were lucky with the cool weather considering we didn’t have any air conditioning. I slept 7-8 hours each night and even though they were bunks it was comfy.

Before the last training session we had a message from the director of the camp. He gave his testimony and preached about the mission of the camp, which was to give kids the opportunity to hear the gospel. The last training session focused on patterns and starter moves. The contact was down but the skill level and focus was really high. The boys started coming together really well. Everyone is playing off each other and we coming together as a unit. After training and lunch it was photo time. The Pinoy boys love a good photo and we had some before and during the team photo session.
On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Tuloy Don Bosco. We played and got whooped by the orphanage rugby team in a game of touch. I got a photo with JR who cut the boys apart with some fancy footwork. He is a great 18 year old who I hope to see play for the Philippines in the future. The kids were happy and it was an honor to spend a couple of hours playing with them. The team did a haka then it was time for us to head out.
We have a free night tonight, so it is off to Korean BBQ and then back to the hotel for a massage that costs 330 pesos or less than 10 bucks.


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