The long ride over…

Let’s just get it out there, I have had better trips overseas. It started poorly when I misread my departure time and I only made it to the airport an hour before take-off in Charlotte and ended at 3am being overcharged for a hotel after losing my luggage. On the other hand, just being back in the Philippines and meeting some of the new lads in the lobby left me fired and ready for training in a couple of days.

The flights over were surprisingly painless. I had a spare seat next to me on every flight, so I can’t complain at all. With the exception of leaving my bag in NYC, Air China had a lot of leg room. I slept on all three of my flights, did homework and read. The only disappointing part was there were no personal entertainment systems and I couldn’t see the screens during the movies.

When I arrived it Manila the clock read 1:05. I was grumpy and tired and all I wanted was my bag and a shower and a bed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my bag and I asked the guardsman to get me a cab. This is where the real fun began. I wasn’t taken to the hotel I asked to be dropped off too, nope I was taken to one that cost more! At the 3am I didn’t really have the fight in me, so I paid for the cab, paid for the hotel and at about 6am I fell asleep.

So that was the trip over. I’m glad that I came a couple of days early so I can put this experience behind me. I should get my bag on Friday night and we leave for camp on Saturday morning. I can’t wait to meet more of the boys this afternoon and this evening, but right now it is off to buy some clothes.

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The photos are of JFK, me unhappy on a plane being kicked by the old dude beside me and over Beijing airport (which was massive and hard to actually capture on a camera.


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