The Philippine Adventure Begins…

Two weeks ago I thought this adventure was over. I injured my back and for a week I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t run, workout and I barely coached at CrossFit or G Rugby. I acted like the eternal optimist thinking that if I ignored it everything would get better eventually. After a week and a half, I knew I needed to do something. So I listened to my wife and my friends set up an appointment with Jeremy Phillips at Elite Performance Chiropractic.

Thanks to Jeremy and Erinn I am back to 100% and can’t wait to arrive in Manila. I followed their advice, did my stretches and worked out conservatively and then stretched some more. So now I step on the plane full of confidence and ready to perform. I have to say that the use of Active Release Techniques (ART) was awesome and Jeremy helped release my psoas and hips and get my back sorted out. If you ever have any problems, please go see someone. If you are in Greensboro, check out Jeremy at Elite Performance Chirpractic.

This year I hope to keep everyone updated with regular video updates now that I have an iPhone 4. Check back regularly to see my progress or subscribe via email with the link on the right.


One thought on “The Philippine Adventure Begins…

  1. I am excited to hear how your trip goes man. I wish you the best of luck and safe travels. Also make sure you put those young bucks in their place haha.

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