UNCG Rugby Senior Banquet

On Saturday night, UNCG Rugby celebrated the 2010-11 season with the end of the year Senior Banquet. The evening was a lot of fun and there were some very deserving winners of awards. Matt Aronowitz won Rookie of the Year, Spencer Dockery took Forward of the Year and Crawford Miller was Back of the Year. Michael Rando and Keenan Hogsed received the Spartan Award for playing every minute of every 1st XV match. Before Rando was elected G-Man of the Year by the players the person who contributed the most to G Rugby on and off the field.

After the awards, we celebrated the six seniors. Duncan Ragheb, Dan Nolker, Jeremiah Creed, Justin Bartlett, Jason Coleman and Spencer Dockery. These six seniors have made the last two years coaching G Rugby a lot of fun. The evening was a nice way for them to sign off.

G Rugby Players. Thanks Barbara White for the photo via FB.

With my future at G Rugby unclear, I would like to say thanks to Linne, the players and players’ families who made my time at G Rugby amazing. The welcome I received into this community was amazing. Also, I would like to say thanks to my wife and daughter for tolerating me being out late at night during the fall and spring.


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