UNCG Workout, 3/28/11

We’re back just in case we have a game this weekend.

Warmup: 3min Row

Metabolic Conditioning: Tabata Protocol 8 sets per exercise of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest (I’m pretty sure this is 4 minutes of hell!). There is an extra minute of rest between exercises. The exercises are Row for calories (adjust the rowing erg to display calories instead of meters) & Burpees. So complete the 4 minutes of the row then the 4 minutes of burpees. Score is calories rowed plus the total number of burpees.

The workout only lasts 9 minutes, so give it everything that you have.

Post score to comments.

Ryan showing off the G Rugby shirt at CrossFit Greensboro.


One thought on “UNCG Workout, 3/28/11

  1. WOD: 125 reps: 69 row, 56 burrpees.

    SDHP: 3×6 65# 75# 75#

    For me today marks day 1 in jumping back into a workout routine and eating right. Felt good to get in and do some rowing and burpees. Forgot how much a row can take out of you. My goal will be to focus on little things before i move to big accomplishments. For example today i wanted to row at least 8 calories in one 20 second period, it was tough but i did it and it felt good. I have big dreams and goals, but i know it starts with the little things and that with time and A LOT of HARD WORK i can get to where i want to be.

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