Building Confidence, but Challenging My Weaknesses

With CrossFit being constantly varied over broad time and modal domains, my training often feels demoralizing. There are many things to learn and it takes a long time to master the skill before you get strong. The lack of results impacts my confidence. To combat this I set myself performance criteria each time that I lift and judge the success of my session from this. For instance, yesterday I did handstand pushups on parallettes to a deficit of 3″ during a 20 minute AMRAP workout (full details of the workout click here). I only completed 3 rounds and change, but I went through full range of motion on the handstand pushups. So while the outcome of the workout was not spectacular, my performance against my goals was awesome. I set myself the performance goal of positive self talk if I failed a handstand pushup and to give myself 30 second rest before my next attempt at max effort. I consistently did this during the workout and I was stoked with my handstand pushups. So what was my takeaway from the workout, I know I need to get even stronger in my shoulders but I have progressed a long way and that developed my confidence immensely.

From a practical point of view, set a performance goal before training. An example is “I will concentrate on keeping my elbows up on a front squat to ensure my spine is stabilized 4 times out of 5 (80%)” or in rugby “I will have my hands up as a receiver before I start running in a passing drill 7 times out of 10 (70%)”. At the conclusion of your training reflect on performance and assess it against the goals. This will help guide you on where you can improve and build your confidence as you achieve.

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Goofing around at CrossFit Greensboro
John and Bruce are about to attempt to carry me overhead while I stand on a piece of wood...this was almost disastorous.

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