Learning from Yoga

At the start of every yoga practice, you reflect on how you feel that day: mind & body. The idea is that you determine how you feel at that particular time, so as to work to your potential during that practice. Some days you feel great and you can push the depth of each stretch, others you need to use props to assist in reaching an adequate depth. The same is true in training for Rugby or CrossFit.
Sometimes you feel so pumped that you could take on the world, other days you feel like crap. Each of these situations requires a different approach to practice, matches or the weight room. On a day where you feel like crap don’t try and recreate the adrenalin rush of good day, accept that you don’t feel good and work to focus on specific goals that are achievable. By succeeding at these small goals, your confidence will increase. Although it might not be your best game, practice or lifting session, you will surpass what you thought you were capable of.
So each practice, match or weight session take the time to assess how you feel in mind & body. Take that feeling and maximize your efforts to push past your potential at that moment.

G Rugby Alumni Match 2010
Alumni with the current UNCG RUgby players after the UNCG Rugby Alumni Match in 2010.


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