UNCG Rugby Workout, 11/24/11

Congratulations on a great tournament at Furman. It is nice to start the season with second place in the SoCon tournament. Now it’s time to fire up for our first matrix game of the season.

Warmup: 10 Front Squats with bar, 10 Behind the neck shoulder press with bar, 10 Pullups, 10 Lunges each leg.

Strength: 5 supersets of 3 Back Squat @ 85-95% 1RM & 8 DB Shoulder Press. Rest 2 mins between sets.

Metabolic Conditioning: 3 Rounds of {15 Pullups, 30 Pushups} for time.

Post loads and time to comments.


2 thoughts on “UNCG Rugby Workout, 11/24/11

    1. Unless specified pullups are any type of pullup that goes through the full range of motion with chin above the bar at the top and arms fully extended at the bottom. Kipping allows you to complete more pullups more quickly, but does not change the range of motion so they are more desirable for a metabolic conditioning workout.

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