UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/11/11

This week is the last week that I will post 4 workouts, after this is will be three on bye weeks and two on game days. Put in the effort, it is time for a big season.

Warmup: 10m High Knees, 10m Lunge, 10m Butt kickers, 10m Inch Worm, 10m High Knees, 10 Squats, 10m Butt kickers, 10 pushups

Strength: 3 Supersets of 8 Bench Press & 45 degree Bent Row. Use the same barbell for both lifts.

Metabolic Conditioning: 4 Rounds for time {Lap of the Rec Center loop, 20 Burpees}.

Post loads and times to comments.


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