UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/6/11

Warmup: 20 Walking Lunges, 10 Behind the Neck Shoulder Press BB, 10 Overhead Squat BB, 10 Shoulder Press BB, 10 Front Squat.

Strength: 5 sets of 8 Bent Row; 5 sets of 5 Push Press.

Metabolic Conditioning: 10 Rounds of {3 DB Hang Power Cleans @ 50% of bodyweight (if you weigh 200# then use 50# DB), 5-10-5 Shuttle, rest 30 seconds}. This is a modified CrossFit Football workout to use DB instead of BB, if you can use a BB the Hang Power Cleans are 75% of bodyweight. Example of the 5-10-5 or short shuttle is below.

Post loads and total time including rest to comments.


One thought on “UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/6/11

  1. I did this with a slightly modified shuttle that was a little longer (30m) and I completed it with a 165# BB. It took 7:23 to complete.

    My strength work before it was a combo set of 5 Pressing Snatch Balance, 5 Heaving Snatch Balance, 5 Snatch Balance for 3 sets, then 10 sets of 3 deadlifts beginning every 60 seconds at 365#, then 5 sets of 1 weighted pullup, 3 strict pullups & 5 kipping pullups.

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