UNCG Rugby Workout, 2/1/11

Get your workout in during the morning and then get ready to lay some hits at training.

Warmup: 3 min Row, 15 Squats BB

Strength: 4 sets of 8 Back Squat @ 75-85% 1RM.

Metabolic Conditioning: Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of {5 deadlift 185#, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats}.

Here is a video of me doing the workout. I was aiming for 10 rounds, but didn’t push hard enough on the squats and spent too much time in the transition to the deadlift so I only got 9 rounds.This is definitely a beatable number, use the 185# deadlift and get after it with speed.

Post loads, percentage and rounds to comments.

UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/31/11

Thanks for all the players who were able to rearrange their schedule to make it up to Wake twice in a weekend. Now, let’s put this weekend behind us and focus on building on the momentum we generated at the Furman tournament. This week is huge, so let’s put in the work on and off the field.

Warmup: 2 rounds of {20 pushups, 20 squats, 20 situps, 20 supermans}

Strength: 4 sets of 8 Incline Bench Press. Your choice whether DB or BB.

Metabolic Conditioning: 15 repetitions of 100m sprint. Begin each sprint on the minute.

Post loads and times for each sprint to comments.

Crawford snatching during a workout at CrossFit Greensboro.

Learning from Yoga

At the start of every yoga practice, you reflect on how you feel that day: mind & body. The idea is that you determine how you feel at that particular time, so as to work to your potential during that practice. Some days you feel great and you can push the depth of each stretch, others you need to use props to assist in reaching an adequate depth. The same is true in training for Rugby or CrossFit.
Sometimes you feel so pumped that you could take on the world, other days you feel like crap. Each of these situations requires a different approach to practice, matches or the weight room. On a day where you feel like crap don’t try and recreate the adrenalin rush of good day, accept that you don’t feel good and work to focus on specific goals that are achievable. By succeeding at these small goals, your confidence will increase. Although it might not be your best game, practice or lifting session, you will surpass what you thought you were capable of.
So each practice, match or weight session take the time to assess how you feel in mind & body. Take that feeling and maximize your efforts to push past your potential at that moment.

G Rugby Alumni Match 2010
Alumni with the current UNCG RUgby players after the UNCG Rugby Alumni Match in 2010.

UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/27/11

Warmup: 800m Run. Every 100m stop for 10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 situps.

Strength: 3 sets of 8 Bench Press.

Metabolic Conditioning: Rounds of 21-15-9 of {30# DB Deadlifts, 30# DB Thrusters, Situps} for time. Scale the weight appropriately to a weight that you can try to do unbroken.

Post loads and times to comments.

UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/26/11

No workout, just bring mental focus and commitment to training. Wednesday is a pivotal day during the training week. It is the last day for heavy contact and is the training session that most closely replicates the demands of match. Prepare for this training like you would for a game. Set yourself a specific goal, share it with a team mate and at the end of training reflect and see if you achieved your goal.

UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/25/11

Warmup: 3min Row, 20 Air Squats, 20 Pushups, 20 Situps

Strength: 3 sets of 12 BB Bent Row.

Metabolic Conditioning: Every 2 minutes begin a 250m row for 5 rounds. Your recovery is what is left of the 2 minute period (e.g. it takes 45 seconds to row, rest for 75 seconds).

Post loads and times for each row to comments.

UNCG Rugby Workout, 11/24/11

Congratulations on a great tournament at Furman. It is nice to start the season with second place in the SoCon tournament. Now it’s time to fire up for our first matrix game of the season.

Warmup: 10 Front Squats with bar, 10 Behind the neck shoulder press with bar, 10 Pullups, 10 Lunges each leg.

Strength: 5 supersets of 3 Back Squat @ 85-95% 1RM & 8 DB Shoulder Press. Rest 2 mins between sets.

Metabolic Conditioning: 3 Rounds of {15 Pullups, 30 Pushups} for time.

Post loads and time to comments.

UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/18/11

Warmup: 10m Lunges, 10m High Knees, 10m Lunges, 10m Buttkickers, 10m Lunges, 3 x 10m Sprint starts 3point stance.
Metabolic Conditioning: DB Tabata (4 min per exercise of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest. Rest 1 min between each exercise). 25# DB Burpees (hold onto the DB the whole time and touch your chest to the ground on the pushup and jump holding them at your side), 55# DB Deadlift, 25# DB Push Press.

Post total number of reps completed.

UNCG Rugby Workout, 1/17/11

Enjoy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. There are no classes and the Rec Center opens at midday and closes at 11pm so there is no excuse.

Warmup: 1 Lap of the Rec Center.

Metabolic Conditioning: Run as far as possible in 15 minutes on the track, but at the start of every minute do 5 burpees. For example, before you start running do 5 burpees then run the remainder of the minute, at 1min do another 5 burpees then run the remainder of the minute. Continue for 15 minutes.

Strength: 5 supersets of 14 (7 each leg) DB Lunges (hold DB in each hand) & 8 DB Shoulder Press. Use the same DB for the lunges and the shoulder press.

Post approximate distance run and loads to comments.