UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/16/10

Warmup: 5min run/row. 10 standing broad jumps (jump as far as you can from a standing start and land with two feet), 10 inch worms, 10m high knees, 10 lateral lunges, 60 second plank.

Strentgh: Rest

Metabolic Conditioning: 5 Rounds of {800m Run, 15 clapping pushups, 15 squat jumps}

Post time to comments.


4 thoughts on “UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/16/10

  1. ankle is still sore from when i tweaked it running a few days ago, its not to bad, but im gonna take it easy for a few days.

    I ran one 800, then i swam some laps and did
    the pushups and my rehab workouts.

    I dont know wehtehr i should do the heavy lifts, I did the deadlifts and squats this week with the sore ankle.

  2. WOD: 25:35. This one was a serious gasser. I took video of it but youtube wont let me load from imovie its weird. Very intersting to go back and watch my workout. My squat jumps sucked at first but improved a lot in the last two rounds. Clapping pushups suck and your the devil. Very stoked about my time and the workout.

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