UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/10/10

Warmup: 2 Rounds of {10 inch worms, 10 jumping lunges, 30 second flutter kicks} then 2 rounds of {3 x 10m High Knees, 3 x 10m High Knee Skips, 3 x 10m Butt Kickers, 1 x 10m Sprint}

Strength: 5 sets of 5 deadlift. Focus on keeping your midline (spine) stable through the entire lift.

Metabolic Conditioning: 10 rounds of {100m row; 10 burpees} with 60 seconds rest between rounds.

Post loads and time including rest (ie leave your stopwatch running for the entire metabolic conditioning workout) to comments.

L-Pullup in the Hotel Gym in New Delhi, India


5 thoughts on “UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/10/10

  1. Dead lift: #225,245,265,275,300

    WOD: 19:26. This was a lot harder than oi thought it would. Burpees suck after 100m rows, thats all im gonna say.

  2. Josh has really improved my row so the rows were easy after a min rest. 22:33. trying to do this at the Rush during peak hours was a poor choice so the transition from row to burpees was slow. burpees will always be hard for me i think. my hamstrings are starting to feel much stronger.

    135 185 205 225 255

  3. i forgot to post this earlier-
    every time I would finish a set of deadlifts I would get light headed and dizzy. form or breathing?

    1. Make sure you breath between reps. You need to hold your breath during the movement and some of this could be leading to light headedness. Make sure you fully recover between sets.

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