UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/8/10

Warmup: 2 sets of {10 burpees, 10 lunges, 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 pullups, 10 hanging leg raises, 10 supermans, 10 tuck jumps}

Strength: 5 sets of 5 Incline Bench, increase the weight for each set and each rep must go through full range of motion (BB touches the chest).

Metabolic Conditioning: 5 rounds of {20 135# deadlift; 10 R Arm 35# DB Snatches, 10 L Arm 35# DB Snatches, 20 situps}. Scale the deadlift and snatch weight appropriately and if doing this in the Rec don’t leave your feet on the snatches!

Post loads and time to comments.


10 thoughts on “UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/8/10

  1. Incline Bench: #105, 115, 125, 125, 125

    WOD: 11:46. This was an intense one. Anytime #135 is thrown into a wod for squat or dead lifts, my legs are burning afterward. The snatches were interesting with DB’s. My form def needs work but i feel good about my overall performance with them. Great intense workout.

      1. Yeah, i originally was thinking i could do a sub 10, but when i thought about it more right before the wod i realized the deadlifts might take a tole and shot for a sub 12, which i got and am happy with. Will be interesting to see what rando gets though

  2. Having been working on my dead lifts quite a bit i was excited for this work out thinking i could blow it away. half way through my second round of deadlifts i felt yesterdays work out. my score was about 18. going on an empty stomach didnt help either. but no excuses this time sucked and i didnt do my full potential. not happy with this time at all and will be trying again sometime. my snatch needs work on the form. my top incline was 205 and i needed a little help on the last 2 reps. ill be sure to make up for the poor time tom by showing intensity rather than talking.

  3. incline, 95, 105, 1115,125, 135, I had to have someone spot me on the final set. I did it three times without assistance tho.

    metabolic. # 105 dead lift. # db BB.
    Back feels alot better, just a little bit of soreness now. it took 13:41 to complete.

  4. Incline Bench: 95, 115, 135, 155, 165
    Metabolic: 15:47.2
    I had to keep my body warm after the strength workout by doing pushups, squats and burpees cause someone was occupying the only deadlift station at the gym. Not sure if that affected my performance for the metabolic part of the workout, but I felt burned out at the end of the deadlifts of the third round. And now my arms and legs feel like jello while I’m sitting in the library trying to study.

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