UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/6/10

Last day of classes, so I expect everyone to be ready to let off some steam.

Warmup: 3 min Row, 15 lunges each leg, 15 pushups, 15 air squats, 15 pullups

Strength: 5 sets of 5 Back squat

Metabolic Conditioning: As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. 1 round is (10 20# DB thrusters; 10 burpees). The weight of the DB is light so you can go fast. You will be thankful it is only 20# do not scale up, but you can scale down if you would like to.

Post loads and times to comments.


4 thoughts on “UNCG Rugby Workout, 12/6/10

  1. Back Squat: #205, 215, 225, 245, 265

    WOD: 13 Rds and thrusters. This was very brutal after having done the lunges burpee workout last night. But i got all but one round of thrusters unbroken which i am happy about.

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