UNCG Rugby Workout, 11/24/10

I am expecting most of you to be at home with family. So this is short and sweet.

Warmup: 20 burpees

Workout: Complete 10 rounds of {15 Air Squats below parallel; 15 pushups chest to ground}

Post times to comments.

BTW if this takes you less 9 minutes you probably cut corners and didn’t go through the full range of motion on your pushups and squats. A world class athlete takes about 8 minutes to do this.


One thought on “UNCG Rugby Workout, 11/24/10

  1. Despite not having any weights or crazy movements you still manage to kick our ass.

    12:01, Great workout and fairly happy with my time. Felt really strong on squats but my pushups have always been a weakness. Gotta start doing at least 50 everyday to build up my chest and arm strength.

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