UNCG Rugby Workout, 11/17/10

It is is time to start lifting heavy. Push your limits and aim to set new PRs. These workouts are longer because you don’t have rugby training.

Warmup: 3 min row, 10 front squats with barbell, 10 pushups, 20 situps, 10 lunges each leg, 10 pullups

Strength: 5 sets of 5 back squat at 90% of 3RM, 3 sets of 8 Supersets {incline bench at 80% of 3RM and chinups (if necessary use assist)}, 4 sets of 12 dumbbell shoulder press.

Metabolic Conditioning Workout: 200m row, rest 30 secs for 6 sets. ROW ON SETTING TWO (2).

Post highest weight lifted for strength and total time INCLUDING rest for row.


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