UNCG Rugby Workout 11/4/10

This is the first workout of the off-season and it is to establish some strength benchmarks. This should be done with a lifting partner who knows how to spot. If possible go in small groups taking an experienced lifter with you. I am posting this a couple days early because if there is enough of a response I maybe able to arrange two times to complete this total either at the school rec center or the CrossFit. POST TO COMMENTS BY WEDNESDAY EVENING!

Warmup: 3min Row or Run, 10 air squats, 10 pushups, 10 lunges each leg, 10 pullups, 10 burpees.

Workout: UNCG Rugby Total. Find a 3 rep max of back squat, incline bench press and deadlift plus max rep strict pullups.

Post weight for each lift and then a combine total score.

How to find a 3 rep max
Complete a set of 10 with just the bar for each lift. Then complete a set of 5 with what you estimate to 50% of your 3RM. Then complete a set with 80-90% of your 3RM. Then take 2 attempts at setting a 3RM. If you know you could complete 5-6 reps at the weight on the first lift of 3RM attempt then put the weight down, increase the weight, rest for 2 minutes and then start the attempt again. REST no more than 5 minutes and no less than 3 minutes between 3RM attempts.

How to find max rep strict pullups
Jump up to a straight bar and start from the a deadhang. Keeping your legs and hips still pull until your chin clears the bar before descending until your arms are completely straight.


3 thoughts on “UNCG Rugby Workout 11/4/10

  1. squat: 295

    incline: 210

    deadlift: 300 (i dont trust this number, my form needs work. real number is prob lower)

    pull ups: 5

    total: 810

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