UNCG Rugby Workout 10/18/2010

This is gonna be hard after the weekend but get in and get the work done.

Warmup: 3min Row; 15 air squats; 15 pushups; 30 situps; 30 supermans

Workout: 1 Round = 200m Row, 15 Squats, 10 pushups. Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

Post total number of complete and partial rounds to comments.

Optional Lift: 5 sets of 8 DB Bench Press

Optional Run: 3 x 400m with 2min rest between each rep.



3 thoughts on “UNCG Rugby Workout 10/18/2010

  1. Pushed hard for 6 full rounds. I rocked the push ups, I moved pretty quick through the rows, but the squats were my weak point. The squats werent hard, I was just slow. While I am happy with 6 there is a lot of room for improvement.

  2. 6 rounds + 200m + 15squats. Paused twice for a split second which may have been equal to the time to do my last 10 pushups, happy none the less after having played 5 matches in 8 days.

  3. 7 rounds and 105m row. I sat on the rower for like 15 minutes when I was done because I wasn’t really sure where I was anymore haha

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