UNCG Rugby Workout 11/1/10

This is a nice easy recovery day after a long fall season and probably a good night out for Halloween.

Workout: Row for 15 minutes with the resistance set to 1. Score is the number of calories rowed.

Post total number of calories rowed to comments.

Then prepare to start the off-season program in a week. It is going to be intense. Also post to comments if you are interested in training at CrossFit Greensboro during this period.


UNCG Rugby Workout 10/28/10

There is a big game this weekend. Make sure your nutrition and hydration are on point. You don’t want to miss because of cramps!

Warmup: 800m, 10 pushups, 10 lunges each leg, 20 situps, 40 supermans.

Lift: 3 sets of 8 dumbbell thrusters

Workout: 1 Round = 50m & 10 burpees AND REST 30 SECONDS. Complete five rounds

Post total time taken to comments. HINT: The minimum time possible to post is 2:30 because you are resting for that long!

Good luck at the State Tournament.

UNCG Rugby Workout 10/25/10

Congratulations on the hard fought victory against Lander on the weekend. The most impressive part of the victory was continuing to play the game even when mistakes were made and turning around trusting your teamwork and your skills.

Warmup: Complete two sets of {10 Squats, 10 Pushups, 10 Situps, 10 Pullups, 10 Lunges each leg}

Lift: 5 x 8 Bench Press & 5 x Chin-ups. Begin every 60 sec using a weight that is approximately 70-75% 1RM.

Workout: Complete 3 Rounds of {20 Back Squats @ 135# barbell, 30 Shoulder Press @ 35# dumbbells} Scale the weight appropriately. If 135#/35# is more than 50% of your 1RM then use 50% of your 1RM (that means if you can’t press 70# dumbbells or squat 270# then use less!)

Post Time and Weight Used and Your 1Rm to Comments.

Optional Run: 7 x 40m sprints with 120 sec of recovery after your finish each sprint. You should feel fully recovered before beginning each sprint and then give a max effort!

UNCG Rugby Workout 10/21/2010

During the strength lift focus on keeping perfect form.

Warmup: 800m Run; 10 inch worms; 10 Hanging Leg Raises; 10 Front Squats with bar

Lift: 5 sets of 5 Front Squats [Concentrate on keeping the elbows high and the core locked from the beginning of the squat until the end]

Workout: 1 Round = 15 DB deadlift @ 60#; 15 Pushups. 5 Rounds for time.

Post time and weight to comments.

Optional Run: 20 x 50m run leaving every 30 sec. DON’T PULL UP BEFORE YOU FINISH!

UNCG Rugby Workout 10/18/2010

This is gonna be hard after the weekend but get in and get the work done.

Warmup: 3min Row; 15 air squats; 15 pushups; 30 situps; 30 supermans

Workout: 1 Round = 200m Row, 15 Squats, 10 pushups. Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

Post total number of complete and partial rounds to comments.

Optional Lift: 5 sets of 8 DB Bench Press

Optional Run: 3 x 400m with 2min rest between each rep.


I’ve been busy

So I’ve been busy with midterms. A little bit about what’s happened with my training: I tripled 165# snatch (a long way from my goal, but my heaviest triple); I charged a workout and got a great time (15-9-6 of 275# deadlift & 30″ box jumps) and I finished midterms.

It has been a hard couple of weeks with constant late nights in the gym, getting in workouts where I can and studying a lot. I hope to be back and posting more often.