Sh*t Happens

So Tuesday I didn’t do anything. I just didn’t have the energy and the motivation. School didn’t go well, I didn’t sleep well and I refused to step up and push through the mental fog. Takeaway…sometimes shit happens and instead of getting down on myself, regroup and set new goals that I can achieve tomorrow. The hardest part about life is that every day is not your best.

Wednesday I lifted with Ben and felt really good. We high back squatted for 5 sets of 5. My last set was at 335#. I knew that I was still feeling Fran because even with just the bar I was dying. I was pretty happy though with my form. I am definitely getting a stronger back and this is critical to maintaining good position in scrums and contact. We then went on to the behind the neck push press. I was very hesitant because my shoulder has been pretty sore, but I made it through without any pain. I think the reason that I did so well was that I set up properly and put my body in the position to use proper mechanics. I made to 145# and was happy. I know that I have more, but today the mechanics were important.

I planned to lift after class with the UNCG Rugby practice cancelled. Unfortunately that didn’t work out because of a couple of incidents at CrossFit Greensboro. Apparently dropping weights on your feet cause injury. We had a couple of people drop some weights on their feet, fortunately there was only bruising and before too long they were up on their feet. It ended up that I worked out at night with the only dumbbells we have at home 25#. The workout 9-15-21 db front squat, db renegade row (pushup and row on each arm counted as a rep), db push press. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. Going up in reps was difficult and the renegades rows sapped my energy. The other bad thing is that I don’t have a time because I didn’t actually hit the start button on my phone! But I got in my workout.


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