Start of the week and I thought I had everything under control. My school week planned, my training week planned and my coaching week planned then John posted Fran!

I knew that I had to do it. I had put it off during season because of my wrist and to be honest the workout is terrifying. I mean it seems so simple two exercises, thrusters & pullups, for rounds of 21-15-9. But I wanted to PR, even though I knew it was a poor goal.

It seemed like fate since this week I was working out with Ben and I planned a couplet after power clean and front squats as the strength movement. We did that and Ben made some great progress finally mastering the quick elbows for the racked position. Then I coached him through Fran while Bruce did it in full firefighters gear including face mask and air tank (Bruce finished in about 5:20). Ben made it through in a good 7:58 and he can finally say he has a Fran time as Rx’d.

Fair enough to say I procrastinated for a long time. I did the class strength workout, find a heavy thruster and got to 225#. This was a 20# PR and then I failed at 245#, still I was pretty happy after power cleans and front squats. Then I did Fran with the last heat of the night and got my PR in 4:35! First time under 5min.

My goal for the workout was under 5 minutes and I was stoked to achieve it. However I know that I can push harder next time, a little more technique on butterfly pullups and I think I won’t have to revert to regular kips during the workout and setting a lower goal will also help me push!

The workout:
6 sets of 3 power clean then front squat then 3 push jerks (95,145,165,185,205,205)
1RM thurster 225#
Fran: 4:35


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