It’s Time to Kick Up My Training

Since returning from India, I have struggled to gain consistency with my training. The coaches at CrossFit Greensboro and I have speculated about the reasons but have reached no conclusions. Injuries have played a part in my consistency, with some niggles that just keep persisting in my shoulders. However I have decided it is time to lift my game.

The question is why now? The first reason I am inspired by the athletes and coaches at CrossFit Greensboro who are making awesome gains. At the top of my list is Matt who has consistently challenged his weaknesses and is reaping the benefits. The second reason is that this year the Philippine National Rugby team is competing in Division 1 and I want to be better and stronger than in previous years.

Over the past few months I have been consistent working out and have improved my fitness levels. I set PRs in a number of metabolic conditioning benchmarks and improved my Olympic lifting technique. But now I want to take that base and turn it into something more.

Tomorrow I am going to post some specific goals as I prepare for 2010-2011 rugby season and CrossFit competition.


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