UNCG Rugby Workout 9/30/2010

Sorry that this is late.

Warm-Up: {10 Burpees, 10 Lunges each Leg, 10 Pushups, 10 Situps, Run lap} twice

Strength: 3 sets of 12 DB Incline Bench Press.

Workout: 10 DB Overhead Squat R Arm, 10 DB Overhead Squat L Arm, 10 Strict Pullups, 7 DB Overhead Squat R Arm, 7 DB Overhead Squat L Arm, 7 Strict Pullups, 5 DB Overhead Squat R Arm, 5 DB Overhead Squat L Arm, 5 Strict Pullups.

Optional Run: 10 repetitions of Sprint 40, Cruise 20, Sprint 40. The cruise is when you stop sprinting but maintain speed. There should be a difference between the cruise and the sprint.

Sh*t Happens

So Tuesday I didn’t do anything. I just didn’t have the energy and the motivation. School didn’t go well, I didn’t sleep well and I refused to step up and push through the mental fog. Takeaway…sometimes shit happens and instead of getting down on myself, regroup and set new goals that I can achieve tomorrow. The hardest part about life is that every day is not your best.

Wednesday I lifted with Ben and felt really good. We high back squatted for 5 sets of 5. My last set was at 335#. I knew that I was still feeling Fran because even with just the bar I was dying. I was pretty happy though with my form. I am definitely getting a stronger back and this is critical to maintaining good position in scrums and contact. We then went on to the behind the neck push press. I was very hesitant because my shoulder has been pretty sore, but I made it through without any pain. I think the reason that I did so well was that I set up properly and put my body in the position to use proper mechanics. I made to 145# and was happy. I know that I have more, but today the mechanics were important.

I planned to lift after class with the UNCG Rugby practice cancelled. Unfortunately that didn’t work out because of a couple of incidents at CrossFit Greensboro. Apparently dropping weights on your feet cause injury. We had a couple of people drop some weights on their feet, fortunately there was only bruising and before too long they were up on their feet. It ended up that I worked out at night with the only dumbbells we have at home 25#. The workout 9-15-21 db front squat, db renegade row (pushup and row on each arm counted as a rep), db push press. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. Going up in reps was difficult and the renegades rows sapped my energy. The other bad thing is that I don’t have a time because I didn’t actually hit the start button on my phone! But I got in my workout.


Start of the week and I thought I had everything under control. My school week planned, my training week planned and my coaching week planned then John posted Fran!

I knew that I had to do it. I had put it off during season because of my wrist and to be honest the workout is terrifying. I mean it seems so simple two exercises, thrusters & pullups, for rounds of 21-15-9. But I wanted to PR, even though I knew it was a poor goal.

It seemed like fate since this week I was working out with Ben and I planned a couplet after power clean and front squats as the strength movement. We did that and Ben made some great progress finally mastering the quick elbows for the racked position. Then I coached him through Fran while Bruce did it in full firefighters gear including face mask and air tank (Bruce finished in about 5:20). Ben made it through in a good 7:58 and he can finally say he has a Fran time as Rx’d.

Fair enough to say I procrastinated for a long time. I did the class strength workout, find a heavy thruster and got to 225#. This was a 20# PR and then I failed at 245#, still I was pretty happy after power cleans and front squats. Then I did Fran with the last heat of the night and got my PR in 4:35! First time under 5min.

My goal for the workout was under 5 minutes and I was stoked to achieve it. However I know that I can push harder next time, a little more technique on butterfly pullups and I think I won’t have to revert to regular kips during the workout and setting a lower goal will also help me push!

The workout:
6 sets of 3 power clean then front squat then 3 push jerks (95,145,165,185,205,205)
1RM thurster 225#
Fran: 4:35

5 Year Anniversary

So this weekend was a big one. Training on Friday evening was limited to 20 x 115lb Squat Snatch every 30sec. I thought it was going to be easy, but setting up correctly each time took about 5-8 sec so I felt like I was lifting all the time. I was really happy with how my form progressed. I started to consistently get the bar into the pocket and shrugged myself under the bar. Matt watched my technique and said that my form got better as I went on. I am still trying to master the Snatch, so I am happy that I am making technique progress, I know I can add the weight later.

Friday evening was the UNCG Rugby alumni game. The students won for the first time since the 1980s and the players and coaches were ecstatic. I think once the alumni had forgotten the anger of being beaten they were also happy because UNCG Rugby is continuing to make progress every year. It is exciting after winning the Dogwood League last year to be competing against better, more physical teams.

Then on Saturday it was my 5 Year Anniversary. It is incredible to think that I’ve been married for 5 years to my amazing wife Julie. We had a great day just hanging out at home with Brynn. We watched some football and played with Brynn. This is the best present I could have had. That evening we went out to Print Works Bistro. The dinner was amazing. Julie had scallops and I had duck and we shared a bottle of wine! Since we had the babysitter (thanks Leah!) we also went and saw “The Town”. We had a great night, just hanging out together and enjoying each other’s company.

Sunday was lazy, the rain came in and we were both feeling a bit under the weather (we just don’t drink much anymore!). The evening rolled around and I decided that we needed to do a workout. Inspired by the world’s fittest man, Graham Holmberg, we did 100 burpees for time. I was stoked with my time of 5:21! I was aiming for under 5, but glad that I went all out and I only stopped for a quick breath at 60!

It’s Time to Kick Up My Training

Since returning from India, I have struggled to gain consistency with my training. The coaches at CrossFit Greensboro and I have speculated about the reasons but have reached no conclusions. Injuries have played a part in my consistency, with some niggles that just keep persisting in my shoulders. However I have decided it is time to lift my game.

The question is why now? The first reason I am inspired by the athletes and coaches at CrossFit Greensboro who are making awesome gains. At the top of my list is Matt who has consistently challenged his weaknesses and is reaping the benefits. The second reason is that this year the Philippine National Rugby team is competing in Division 1 and I want to be better and stronger than in previous years.

Over the past few months I have been consistent working out and have improved my fitness levels. I set PRs in a number of metabolic conditioning benchmarks and improved my Olympic lifting technique. But now I want to take that base and turn it into something more.

Tomorrow I am going to post some specific goals as I prepare for 2010-2011 rugby season and CrossFit competition.