It’s a matter of timing

My first day in the Philippines was typically Filipino. I did nothing and I did everything all in the same day. Team manager Matt Cullen, who lives in Manila, reckons that if you paln to do 6 things in a day and accomplish 2 then you are doing well. That’s kind of how the day turned out for us. After a bit of sleep, I went with Matt to pick up the uniforms from the supplier that were supposed to be ready at 2:30. We left the store at 4:30 the delivery was just happening on Filipino time.

Normally this wouldn’t be much of problem, but Matt had been invited to bring a few of the National team players to appear on the broadcast of the local sports show Hardball. We were supposed to be there at 5:00pm and there was no way that we were going to make it across town until the studio rang us and said that the shoot might not happen at all but keep heading towards ABN-CBS. Matt was confused and I was amused. It just seems that nature runs its course in the Philippines where fate is more in control of what and how you get things done. It can prove infuriating, but when you don’t really need to be anywhere and you have no real stress on your life then it ends up a little comical at times.

Make-up time

Anyway we may it to the studio on time. Make-up and some time in the green room before Matt and I were joined by Kit for the interview. There were a few other lads from the team as well, but I guess the format is to have a max of three guests, so the remainder looked pretty in the background. Including one, Kenneth Stern, who kept flexing for the cameras. It was a pretty amusing interview with all the regular rugby cliches coming out. I think it airs on Philippine tv tonight at 9:30 so I am interested to get a look. Anyway the pics of our little adventure.

In the green room

As far as training, when things run on Filo time you kind of just take it as it comes. I had been planning to get a bit of an interval run in, but I was feeling really jet-lagged at the end of the day so I went to bed instead. It was probably a wise choice and I’ll work out with the boys tomorrow afternoon. I figure a taper that includes 3 days off with one of those a travel day and one my daughter’s birthday I can’t really complain. Though I am itching to get a workout  and some running in tomorrow.

Mic'd and ready for action

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