Brynn’s First Birthday

Saturday, my last day before the trip, also coincided with a day early birthday celebration for Brynn. Brynn and I had some quality time together in the morning as we went to CrossFit Greensboro together. I think she knew that something was in the air because she wouldn’t leave me along and I spent most of the time coaching with a little koala bear attached to my hip or leg. After the workout, Brynn impressed John and I by deadlifting a skateboard and walking with it. Crazy a little lady and I think that she takes after her mother!

Brynn’s birthday party was a lot of fun. It was a collision of Julie and my friends from all areas colliding because they all know Brynn. It is weird how interconnected the world is! We had a lot of fun and Brynn got a ton of great presents, for which we say thanks (although Julie and I have our doubts about some of the noisy ones!) and spent heaps of time with friends. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported us during Brynn’s first year. It is great to know that in addition to our families we have a great community on which to rely.


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