Last day at work

Friday and only two days until I leave for the Philippines. It was my last day at The Club before leaving and I only had a couple of clients come in. The first was David who once again got the short end of the stick. A lot of reps and some unusual implements including tire flips and rope slams. It was a great session and David did awesome. George came in for chest and once again we worked the incline. No PRs today, just good consistent solid lifting.

Then I went to CrossFit Greensboro where Mel tagged along with Ben for his session. I had planned for Ben to do “Kelly” because he had been away for a while and Mel, well she got roped in as well. I decided that not to tell them that they were only doing 3 rounds and the attacked the workout thinking that they were going to be doing 5 rounds. Ben finished with 22:41 and Mel 23:28.

Coaching the group classes was fun. With a short sprint workout, everyone did a lot of skill work before hand, including some sprints. Then Robin stepped up and needed to get a quick workout in after coaching class with me. He attacked Grace and was awesome. We worked out a quick strategy beforehand and I worked on encouraging him to stick to it. The result was a huge PR by over a min. Absolutely awesome to watch someone go under 3 minutes for 30 reps of 135# clean and jerk.

As for me, I got in my last conditioning session before I left. 20 x 100m 90% tempo runs with 30 second recovery. I didn’t realize when I planned to do this but they ended up being overspeed and slight uphill runs. With the road at a grade of about 6-8 degrees I found my downhills were extremely fast and I had to focus on my leg recovery mechanics and the uphill I focused on my knee drive. The second part of the workout came because I didn’t get my conditioning run in earlier I had to do my met con immediately after the run. This made the met con particularly brutal. I did 21-15-9 of 2 1-pood kettlebell clean and jerk, burpees and GHD sit-ups. I haven’t done two arm dumbbell or kettebell clean and jerk in ages and I forgot how unwieldy having two weights can become when you go for speed. I ended up finishing in 12:27, not a bad time considering it was my second workout in an hour.

Basically my three weeks of pre-season for the Philippines is over. It has been a terrific push leading into my trip away. I have been focused and kept up with work even when it got hard. Unfortunately I have to say that my sacrifice was time with my wife and daughter. They have been incredibly understanding and supportive as I have prioritized my workouts ahead of meals at home with them. It is going to be tough leaving them both behind in the States. But at the end of the day I carry them with me and I represent them in everything I do.


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